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How lightrageous Started


Have you seen the Christmas light shows where the lights dance to music with every color of the rainbow? Eight years ago I saw an awesome show near Cleveland, OH and asked my wife if I could make our lights dance to the music. I spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours programming my shows. It was good fun watching the shows with my neighbors and hearing the ooohh's and aaahh's from the neighborhood children. I kept getting the same question from my neighbors "how can I do this to my home?" And I would have to watch the hope fade from their eyes when I started telling them about the price and the amount of programming. That's why I started lightrageous. Anyone can put our systems on their home and not break the bank or miss holiday time away from their family programming.  Check out lightrageous christmas light show kits, lightrageous halloween light show kits and lightrageous singing window projections.

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A New Christmas and Halloween Tradition

Lightrageous Singing Window Projections